V PERFECT :  make face to V shape, face and neck lifting, reduce wrinkles and keep skin smooth with NEW Trimax latest technology.

NEW TRIMAX Tripolar RF technology can deliver RF power levels up to Dermis (the dermis) and subcutaneous fat layer. Focused on the treatment of withered skin by stimulating collagen and tighten the skin for maximum efficient result.

NEW TRIMAX RF performance

  • Facial Lifting, reduce withered and lift point of the bags under the eyes and neck without surgery.
  • Skin tightening immediately.
  • Facial Re-contouring, modify the face shape. Flat cheekbones down, make slender tapered chin and face a more V-shaped.
  • Facial Lightening, make Skin bright, reduce any dark points under eyes skin and freckles fade.

The effect of treatment with NEW TRIMAX RF

Immediately feel the change by 2 weeks after treatment. Recommend to treat every 7 days in order to maintain maximum result in first time. Treatment should be repeated every month to maintain good result for long as an expert suggested.

The results are

  1. To accelerate the metabolism of body fat.
  2. Stimulating and drain waste out.
  3. Remove fat and cellulite.
  4. Stimulating collagen making process. Make the skin smooth and firm
  5. Feel relax comfortably.

Recommendation : Should repeat treatment regularly after first time in order to maximize the effect. Frequency of treatment is depended on skin condition, fat layer and age of each patient.